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Soon they saw a cat on the road, which was sad. <-- single sentence

Soon they saw a cat on the line, which was sad. <-- small text

Lawyer <-- main kw

– You scream to break our ears,” said the donkey. <-- small text

His master thought of putting off it. The donkey found out that an damaging wind was beginning to blow for him and he fled. He took the street to Bremen. He theory he could become a musician operating for the municipality. On his way, he met a searching dog who had been lying there. He moaned like a person who ran plenty, that death awaited him. – Then, Ta├»aut, why are you barking like that? asked the donkey. – Ah ! said the dog, as a result of I am old, because I get heavier every day, because I can now not hunt, my master desires to kill me. I ran away. But how do I earn my living now?- Do you recognize, said the donkey, that I am going to Bremen to become a musician there; include me and get entangled in the municipal orchestra. I’ll play the lute and also you play the timpani. <-- medium text

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He called his partners and told them that he had to find some house over there, there was light there. The donkey says:- Let’s get up and go; here, the lodging and food are not good. The dog concept that a few bones with meat around them would do him good. So they induce in opposition t the light and saw it grow as they went along. Finally, they arrived in front of a brightly lit house, which was the lair of a gang of thieves. The donkey, who was the tallest, approached the window and looked inside. – What do you spot, Grison? asked the hen. – What I see?” answered the donkey: a table served with good-shopping food and drinks. Thieves are sitting there and feasting. – That’s what we want,” said the chicken. – Yes, said the donkey, if only we were there!The four partners deliberated on how they’d go about searching thieves. Finally, they found out the style: the donkey would rest its front legs on the fringe of the window, the dog would jump on its back and the cat over it. The chicken would perch on the cat’s head. When that they had settled down during this way, at a given signal, they began their music. The donkey braved, the dog barked, the cat meowed and the cock crowed. On what, they jumped out of the window and made the windows tremble. At this bizarre live performance, the thieves had jumped. They idea a ghost was entering the room and, in panic, fled into the forest. Our four companions sat down at the table, used what was left and ate as if they were going to experience a month of famine. When the four musicians had finished, they turned off the sunshine and each one chose a spot to sleep at their convenience and with the best consolation. The donkey lay on the manure, the dog behind the door, the cat by the stove and the hen roosted in the henhouse. <-- large text

At this peculiar concert, the thieves had jumped. <-- single sentence

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So they induce towards the sunshine and saw it grow as they went along. <-- single sentence

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