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– That’s what we want,” said the poultry. <-- small text

So I scream my head off while I can still do it. – Hey, Chanteclair,” said the donkey, “include us. We’re going to Bremen; you can find something better than your death any place. You have a good voice and if we make music in combination, it may be wonderful. The chicken authorised this recommendation and the four of them got back on the line. But it was not possible for them to reach town of Bremen in one day. In the night, they arrived near a forest where they determined to spend the night. The donkey and the dog lay at the foot of a huge tree, the cat and the chicken settled in the branches. The fowl climbed to the top. He theory he was safe there. Before falling asleep, he took a look at the four corners of the horizon. <-- medium text

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The dog idea that a few bones with meat around them would do him good. So they set off in opposition t the light and saw it grow as they went along. Finally, they arrived in front of a brightly lit house, which was the lair of a gang of thieves. The donkey, who was the tallest, approached the window and looked inside. – What do you notice, Grison? asked the chicken. – What I see?” spoke back the donkey: a table served with good-browsing food and drinks. Thieves are sitting there and feasting. – That’s what we want,” said the chicken. – Yes, said the donkey, if only we were there!The four companions deliberated on how they’d go about searching thieves. Finally, they found out the manner: the donkey would rest its front legs on the fringe of the window, the dog would jump on its back and the cat over it. The chicken would perch on the cat’s head. When that they had settled down in this way, at a given signal, they began their music. The donkey braved, the dog barked, the cat meowed and the cock crowed. On what, they jumped out of the window and made the windows tremble. At this abnormal live performance, the thieves had jumped. They conception a ghost was coming into the room and, in panic, fled into the forest. <-- large text

Because I am ageing, my teeth are dressed in out and I often dream behind the stove more than I do chasing mice, my mistress wanted to drown me. <-- single sentence

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– Yes, said the donkey, if only we were there! <-- single sentence

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